Steve Winwood: Junction Seven

Steve Winwood Jun 3, 1997 (UK VIRGIN: CDV 2832 and US: VIRGIN 44059-2)
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1 Spy in the House of Love (Winwood, Narada Michael Walden, E. Winwood, Jim Capaldi)
There was a time, you had it made
Everything was going your way
So many guys hanging on a string
You just wanted to play

Like a spy in the house of love
Searching for a clue in the dark
Spy in the house of love
Someone put a spell on your heart
Spy in the house of love
Searching for a clue in the dark
Spy in the house of love
Someone's got a hold of your heart
Spy, baby, in the house of love
Spy, baby, in the house of love

Out on the street, you were the queen
Playing games with jokers and fools
Then out of the night there comes the king
Now he's changing the rules
2 Angel of Mercy (Winwood, Walden, E. Winwood, Capaldi)
Every little thing that can go wrong
Don't you know I realize
All the trouble that goes on so long
Restoration of it seems so wise
But when the hope and the love has gone
You're the one the world is searching for
Hold on for the way gets clear
For your love, for our love
That's what I'm saying

Angel of mercy,
Won't you stay with me, won't you stay with me?

Take a little water to cool you down
Reach out to your furthest dream
If you find that you've been turned around
Get back up and try again

Though your future's not plain
Your effort's not in vain
For we are in need of
Your sweet touch - please be near us

When the sun turns to rain
Then our loss can be gain
If you could reach out
Take my hand, yeah
3 Just Wanna Have Some Fun (Winwood, Walden)
Oh what a shambles has been my day
I know I have to go to work but I wanna play
Well, I'm lookin' at my watch and it's almost half past three
And it's time for tea
And I don't want nobody tellin'
Trying to tell me
What I have to do and what I have to be

You know I just wanna have some fun
Yeah now, come on and have a party
Yeah, well, have some fun
Let me tell you now
All through the day the night's been on my mind
Now I've got myself together, baby, and you're lookin' fine, so fine
And I'm lookin' at my watch and it's almost half past eight
Now then don't be late
I don't want nobody tellin'
Telling me and you
Who we have to be or what we have to do

I know you've got some lovin', it's something we can share
We're gonna have a big night out, even if they say we ain't goin' nowhere

I see you walkin' to my car, lookin' like something sweet to eat
Girl, you're my brightest star.
Come on now, let's get it. Let's get it.

Everybody on the dance floor, everybody get up
Everybody keep movin', let's have some fun
4 Let Your Love Come Down (Winwood, Walden, E. Winwood, Capaldi)
Some say I know, others say I don't
That's alright now
What I'm saying every day is that love will find a way
That's no lie now
When the road's getting tough and you think you've had enough
Don't give up now
Show the world how you feel, gonna let them know you're real
Don't be shy now

Let your love come down
Let it flow now
Just let it flow now, baby, yeah
Let your love come down
Come on and show me now
Don't hold it back now
Oh girl, you got to
Let your love come down
Let your love come down
Let it all go now
Let your love come down, baby
Let your love come down

Make sure that you're true in everything you do
Don't you fake it
And when you're caught in the heat and you think it's got you beat
You can take it
You got time on your side and this door is open wide
You can make it (oh yes we can)
It was there from the start, got the power in your heart
Don't forsake it

Give your heart, darling, every day
Wear your love now, baby, don't hide away
Roll it over, don't delay
Let's start a new day
5 Real Love (Winwood, Walden, E. Winwood)
In my life there was emptiness
Where I was going I couldn't guess
Then one day into my life you came
And from then on nothing seemed the same
You gave me strength when I thought I could be wrong
Hey now I know right here is where I belong - with your

Real love to hold on to
Real love to pull me through
And I know with all my heart
Here I'm gonna stay
Here I'll always stay inside your real love

You make things right with no uncertainty
I know this kind of love will always be realized
And I'm now quite sure that
Real love is what we all are looking for
Now I'm ready to be just what you want me to
With you right her to guide me through - I need you

Just to have a soul mate
To make things right when all senses fail
True love is a hard found thing
Now I feel it and I need it always
6 Fill Me Up (Winwood, E. Winwood)
Thy will be done

You came into my life
You made it alright
You showed me who I could be
You gave me your vision
Gave me inspiration
You helped my eyes to see

When I worked out what you had worked in me
I found out how precious life can be, so

Fill me up (Thy will be done) with your love
Fill me up with your tenderness
Fill me up with your love
Fill me up and help me to grow

There was a time when I was blind
I had no faith, I had no pride, no
I wasted lots of precious time
Thinking of myself and my own mind

Then you picked me up and revealed your love
You shined your light on me and renewed my soul, so

(Fill me up, fill me up) Bring your lovin' home to me
(Fill me up, fill me up) Show me how love's supposed to be
(Fill me up, fill me up) Bring your lovin' home to me
(Fill me up, fill me up) Show me how love can grow

Then you picked me up and revealed your love
You shined your light on me and renewed my soul, so
7 Gotta Get Back to My Baby (Winwood, E. Winwood)
I had a drink, I saw a fight
I glanced across the smoke filled room
And I began to think of my baby
I wonder what I'm doing here
All on my own, it isn't clear
I miss her smile, I miss her touch
I know that I just have to see my baby

I gotta get back, whoa, back to my baby
Gotta get back, whoa, back to my baby
I had to have a change of scene
And rid my mind of everything
The realization came to me
The only place to be was with my baby

I've gotta leave this place I'm in
And get back to my love again
I packed my bags and headed home
It won't be long before I'm with my baby
8 Someone Like You (Winwood, Walden, E. Winwood)
I've tried to live my life alone
Independence, freedom was my own
But there was a loneliness I could not ignore
I knew deep down I needed more
In my life I needed a feeling
Of a love to come over me
I felt the truth and so I prayed for

Someone like you to hold my hand
Someone like you to understand
Someone like you to stand by me
All my life, yeah, all my life - someone like you

I remember laying eyes on you
After we spoke deep inside I knew
I can feel the happiness your soul brings to me
Your presence makes my world complete
And I know you know what I'm feeling
There's a love coming over me
And it's true, what I've waited for, your sweet and precious love

I felt there was an emptiness
I didn't know what was missing
I didn't know how to quench it
You are the answer to all my prayers
you are the one that I needed
You are the one I believe in
Oh, I believe in
9 Family Affair (Sylvester Stone)
It's a family affair ....

One child grows up to be somebody that just loves to learn
And another child grows up to be someone who needs concern
Mother loves both of them, you see it's in the blood
Father loves both of them, blood's thicker than the mud

It's a family affair ....

Newly-wed a year ago, still checkin' each other out
Nobody wants to blow, nobody wants to be left out
You can't leave cos your heart is there
But you can't stay cos you been somewhere else
You can't cry cos you look broke down
But you cry anyway cos you're all broke down

It's a family affair ...

Na na na one family, na na na one love ...
10 Plenty Lovin' (Winwood, Walden)
Oh baby I had to think things through
I never needed love when I was all by myself
Now comes the time I know it's gotta be you
Oh baby, now I need your help

Ooh come on now baby
I wanna give some special time to you now
Cos ooh, when you touch me
Got a feelin' I can't hide

Now I know all I need is you
You're my reason for stayin' alive
I know that it's real, I feel it inside
Come on now, let's not wait

Gimme plenty lovin', Gimme plenty lovin'
Gimme plenty lovin', every day, every night, come on, baby

Oh baby, you know we'll be apart
We gotta make up on love till I'll be with you again
Thinking of you, the feeling in my heart
let's start doin' what we do till thenp> Ooh, I'm hearin' what you say
We gotta make the most of it for us now, baby
Now we're together, I'll be holding you tonight

Just can't stay any longer
You're my only true soul mate
The day's almost gone, but night is still ahead
Come on now, don't hesitate
11 Lord of the Street (Winwood, Walden, E. Winwood, Capaldi)
When the night comes rollin' and the day is through
Then I come strollin' down that avenue
Baby, I got what no one can give you - all my lovin'
All the guys wanna get down with you
But there ain't no one that's got my rhythm

'Cause I'm the lord of the street, no one can compete with my love for you
Said I'm the lord of the street, you got the kinda heat brings me close to you

Oh, I can't get enough of it, let me dance for you
When I start movin' you'll be dancing too
You and I gonna rock together, our hearts are burning
We'll take on all kinds of weather
Girl, this night's gonna last forever

The power to love someone up above is good to me
He's got the kinda love the helps me to see




Steve Winwood: Lead Vocal, Rhythm Guitar and Guitar Solos on track 1. Lead Vocal, Rhythm Guitar on track 2, 10. Lead Vocal, Hammond Organ, Synth Sax Solo and Clavinet on track 3. Lead Guitar, Lead Vocal, Organ on track 4. Lead Vocal and Acoustic Piano on track 5. Lead Vocal and Acoustic Guitar on track 6. Lead Vocal, Clave, Additional keyboards on track 7. Lead Vocal on track 8. Lead Vocal, Acoustic Piano, and Percussion on track 9. Lead vocal, Acoustic piano, Hammond organ, Clavinet, and Rhythm Guitar on track 11. Horn Arrangement on track 7.


Narada Michael Walden: Keyboards, Bass, Live drums & Drum programming on track 1. B 3 Bass, Drum programming and percussion on track 2. Drum programming, bass, synth, keyboards & percussion on track 3. Bass, Organ, and Drum programming on track 4. Drum Programming, Keyboards, and Percussion on track 5. Drum Programming on track 6. Keyboards, Bass, Drum Programming, and Cymbals on track 8. Live Drums, Drum programming, Synth Bass, Keyboards, and Percussion on track 9. Keyboards on track 10. Live Drums, Drum programming, Synth, & Percussion on track 11.


Mike McEvoy: Additional Keyboards on track 1. Additional Keyboards and Voices on track 2 Synth vibes, Additional piano on track 4. Additional keyboards, bass on track 5. Keyboards, bass, drum programming, and dobro guitar on track 6. Keyboards, Drum & Bass programming, Synth Strings on track 8. Synth strings on track 10.


Jimi Fischer: Wah Wah Guitar on track 1. Additional drum programming on track 2. Additional bass and Additional guitar on track 4.

Greg “Gigi” Gonaway: Percussion on track 1. Midi drum assisting on track 11.

Tony Lindsey: Background Vocals on tracks 1, 2, 3, 9,11

Skyler Jett: Background Vocals on tracks 1, 2, 3, 9, 11

Nikita Germaine: Background Vocals on track 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 11

Tina Gibson: Background Vocals on tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 11

Annie Stocking: Background Vocals on tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 11

Claytoven Richardson: Background Vocals on tracks 4, 8

Sandy Griffith: Background Vocals on tracks 4,8

Ruby Turner: Background Vocals on tracks 6, 7. Out Chorus on track 6

Simone Sauphanor: Background Vocals on tracks 6, 7

Eugenia Winwood: Background Vocals on track 6. Spoken Part on track 6

Jerry Hey: Live String Arrangement & Conductor on tracks 2, 5, 9. Horn Arrangement and Trumpet on tracks 3, 4

Nathan Rubin: Concert Master on track 2, 5, 9

Frank “Killer Bee” Martin: Keyboards & Programming on track 3, 4, 11. Keyboards, Programming, Bass on track 5.

Vernon “Ice” Black: Guitar on Track 3

Walfredo Reyes, Jr.: Percussion on tracks 3, 4, 11. Drums and percussion on track 7

Walfredo Reyes, Sr.: Timbales & Percussion on track 7

Daniel Reyes: Congas on track 7

Mark Russo: Sax on track 4

Wayne Wallace: Trombone on track 4

Rebecca Mauleon-Santana: Piano on Track 7. Horn arrangement on track 7.

Mark Van Wegeningen: Bass on track 7

Melecio Magdaluyo: Sax on track 7

Louis Fasman: Trumpet on track 7

Jeff Cressman: Trombone on track 7

Bill Ortiz: Trumpet on track 7

“Party People” on track 7: Tony Lindsay, Skyler Jett, Nikita Germaine, Tina Gibson, and Annie Stocking

Nile Rogers: Guitar on track 8

Myron Dove: Electric Bass on track 8

Lenny Kravitz: Guitar on track 4

Des’ree: Vocals on track 10

Gary Brown: Electric Bass on track 10

Jose Neto: Acoustic and Nylon Electric Guitar and Solo an track 10




Produced and arranged by Steve Winwood and Narada Michael Walden

Production Administrator: Tony Defranco

Production Co-Ordinators: Janice Lee, Cherise Miller, Shiloh Hobel, Kulan Kevin Walden

Recording and Mixing Engineer: Dave ‘Frazeman’ Frazer

Second Engineer: Mick Dolan

Studio Assistant at Netherturkdonic: Andy Davies

Midi and Asst Engineer: Jeff ‘G’ Gray (Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 11)

Additional Engineers: Marc ‘Elvis’ Reyburn (Tracks 3, 9), Gary Tole (Track 9), Jim Labinski (Track 4)

Mastered by: Ted Jensen (Sterling Sound, NYC)

Recorded at: Netherturkdonic STUDIOS, England and Tarpan Studios, San Raphael, CA.

Track 9 recorded at: Le Crib, NYC

Track 4 recorded at: A & M Studios, Los Angeles, CA

"Family Affair" a Sly & the Family Stone cover – Tribute to late Bernard Edwards of Chic